Storytelling that causes people to think

and reminds them to laugh at life!


Jane Stenson


Jane Stenson is an experienced storyteller, producer and master teacher who instills world folktales and personal stories with images and metaphors crafted from her love of nature and belief in diversity. Thought-provoking, Jane's stories stimulate and inspire her listeners to think more humanistically about each other and their place in the world, never forgetting the importance of laughter. Encouraging a lifelong love of words and connections, Jane uses the energy and sensory aspects of storytelling to promote literacy, social studies, and math in the preschool, elementary and middle school classroom.


"Fun-loving, Reliable, Quietly Rebellious, Clever, Focused, and Flexible"


Jane grew up in the woods of Connecticut – beautiful, mysterious woods and rivers – and infuses experiences with the natural world into every story. Using sensory images as metaphors and guides, mixed with personal comedic anecdotes, Jane creates stories that go beyond just a good time by challenging people of all ages and cultures to think critically and holistically.