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Programs and assemblies can be designed to meet the needs of your school or after-school programming.



Every culture, tribe, and nation has developed and shared stories, and that means social studies (studying the social constructs of culture, tribes and nations) must begin with the folktale – the collected wisdom of the people.

Stories from the Folk and Not-so Folk

A combination of folktales and personal stories from all over the world


Ghostly Stories

Some downright scary, others not-so


Another Way West

The story of my great grandfather's journey around the Horn in 1855 to San Francisco and how he became the first Pony Express rider EAST. A version of this story for Middle School students involves my great-grandfather's participation in the dislocation of the Shasta Nation. Hear a Story.


We Are All Immigrants

Folktales and personal stories


When Do I Know I'm Not An Immigrant And That I Belong Here?

Folktales and personal stories


Women as Leaders: Wangari Mathaai

Take a look at Kenya and Nobel Laureate Wangari Mathaai


Women as Leaders: Helen Keller as an adult

What happened after The Miracle Worker?


Stories from Old India

Jakata Tales and Kipling's pourquoi tales


Science Stories

"Numerous studies show that people tend to remember facts more accurately if they encounter them in a story rather than in a list or other narrative forms." -- Gerald Zaltman, How Customers Think

Rocks Rock!

Grades K-2 or Grades 3-5:

Stony stories containing pebbles of discovery


From the Ground Up

Grades K-2 or Grades 3-5:

Folktales and personal stories that show varieties of geography (the land and related human activity) of all sorts and conditions from all over the world


Folktales & Personal Stories of the Solar System

The constellations, the sun and moon, our galaxy


Plants Are Definitely Not Sow-Sow

Grades K-2:

Folktales and personal stories that proclaim the relationship between people and plants.

Grades 3-8:

The life work of Wangari Mathaai and/or the establishment of today's Sensory Garden by Helen Keller


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