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Both published in 2017

Engaging Community through Storytelling

by Jane Stenson and Sherry Norfolk


(Libraries Unlimited, 2017) promotes the idea that storytelling builds bridges of understanding within the human psyche and between human beings. The book includes storytelling projects that support their communities as well as projects that create communities through storytelling nationally and internationally.

Science with Storytelling: Strategies for the K - 5

by Jane Stenson, Sherry Norfolk, and Lyn Ford

Classroom (McFarland, 2017)


Synthesizes the values of the old tales with the educational demands for STEM topics. "The pendulum has swung toward innovation and technologies that support what is new and toward active learning where students’ natural curiosity allows them to pursue and construct scientific understanding through their experiences…..Yet is it the old stories, told orally, that contain the wisdom of a culture, and the relational told stories have always been the most powerful means of relating new technologies and humane values.”

Social Studies in the Storytelling Classroom


Social Studies in the Storytelling Classroom: Exploring our Cultural Voices and Perspectives

by Jane Stenson and Sherry Norfolk

Foreword by Carmen Deedy 

Parkhurst Brothers Publishing, Inc., Michigan


"Exploring the relationship between storytelling and social studies challenges our 21st century selves to pay attention to the folktales and the narrative non-fictions that teach our hearts and minds and to the American voices which call out to be heard. If our social studies goals for children that they become compassionate citizens, informed and critical thinkers, and committed to social justice, then stories and storytelling are the curriculum of choice.  ..."  


"Accessible, inspirational, and practical plans that make storytelling a portal to faceted insights about culture, history, geography, and identity."

-- Janice M. Del Negro, PhD. GSLIS Dominican University

"This is a "must-have" on every teacher's bookshelf!"

-- Tracy Drummer-Aiden, Kindergarten Teacher, Baker Demonstration School, Wilmette, IL

Literacy Development in the Storytelling Classroom

Literacy Development in the Storytelling Classroom

by Sherry Norfolk, Jane Stenson, and Diane Williams

Forward by Patricia McKissack


2010 Storytelling World-Special Resource Award Winner


Building on and extending their successful Libraries Unlimited publication The Storytelling Classroom, the authors offer plans and activities designed to enhance literacy development (speaking & listening, reading & writing, visual literacy & information literacy). The book contains:

• Curriculum content that is relevant and personal to the child;


• Integrated arts activities where storytelling is the vehicle driving curriculum;


• Many opportunities for bilingual or non-English speakers and non-traditional learners to develop literacy skills through storytelling.

The Storytelling Classroom: Applications Across the Curriculum

The Storytelling Classroom:
Applications Across the Curriculum

by Sherry Norfolk, Jane Stenson, and Diane Williams
Foreword by Syd Lieberman
Available from Libraries Unlimited, November 2006


2008 Storytelling World Resource Award Winner


Consisting of a series of essays by storytellers who work in the classroom, as well as teachers who use storytellingin the classroom, this title addresses specific curriculum curriculum areas, and includes practical, easily replicable lesson plans. Also included is a review and explanation of the current research on the value of storytelling in the classroom in teaching "whole brain" using multiple intelligences and the integration of thinking in the left and right brain. It makes valid connections to educational standards in curriculum areas. Topics addressed are from the dual viewpoints of storytellers and educators. Each chapter includes: a) a short theroetical base; b) article from a classroom teacher (at least one); c) article from a storytelling teaching artist (at least one); d) lesson plans with a short theroetical base. Grades PreK-12.


Storytelling and QAR Strategies

Jane is pleased to be a contributing author to the 2011 Libraries Unlimited publication Storytelling and QAR Strategies by Phyllis Hostmeyer and Marilyn Kinsella.


Character traits for three grade levels are promoted in a collection of world folktales, legends, myths and personal stories with corresponding questions and activities that involve students in the process of Question-Answer Relationships (QAR).


"Storytelling, Reading and Visual Literacy"

Storytelling Magazine, Sept/Oct 2011

Old & New Tried & True: Stories for Children

"Old & New Tried & True: Stories for Children"


Jane's 2005 CD with musician Gus Friedlander. To order contact Jane directly.